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For Amber: handbags and bunting

Fancy a funky new handbag?

Do you need some bunting for a party?

If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then head over to and have a look.

A friend of mine, Billie, is selling handbags and bunting in a new venture. They are all handmade, and the quality is excellent.

The range Billie is doing at the moment is called For Amber. All proceeds, that’s everything except the cost of materials, goes toward Leukemia research. Amber recently lost her fight against leukemia.

Below is a couple of the designs available (click to enlarge)

Billie says…

All ‘Grown Up’ bags are £20 each. I will let you know on P+P if needed.

The bases are approx 12cm X 22cm and they are about 20 cm tall.

All except for the ‘Union Jack’ ones can be made in a kiddy size for £15.

They have a popper fastening, I am looking into using a zip in some of them. I have also done a velcro fastening for the kiddy bags.

Just let me know the design you want and (if applicable and I have stock), the colour for the lining and the button design you would like.

Go on, treat yourself or your lady.


I have received another accolade for my photography.

I entered a photography competition on Facebook, run by Printspace, with the theme of ‘Faith’. I didn’t win, and never expected to, but my photo was one of the fifteen commended, or runners-up I suppose.

So, two runners up out of three competitions. Not a bad run-rate. Either I’m better than I think I am, or I’m choosing which competitions to enter very carefully.

The photo I entered was this one, Stairway to Heaven

Please help the Samaritans without costing yourself

I have a friend who, in his spare time, volunteers for the Samaritans. He sent me this email…

Samaritans have been nominated to be one of the supported charities for The Lawyer Awards. Two charities will be chosen and will be supported by the awards for three years raising over £150,000 for each charity.

The two charities are being voted on by a public vote via It is a public vote so anyone can vote but you can only vote once. The voting closes on 22nd October.

The Lawyer Awards are held in June every year. There is no fee to enter, instead entries are asked to make a donation to the chosen charities. All donations are split between the two chosen charities. On average each charity will receive £50,000 per year for 3 years.

This is a public vote and could raise around £50,000 a year for Samaritans – if you can spare a few seconds, I would be really grateful if you could click on the link above and vote. This could be a massive boost for us financially Please vote!

There are many other worthwhile charities you can vote for as well, but it would be great if you could vote for the Samaritans.

Many thanx

Silk II

I don’t know much about sailing but the following picture was hanging on the wall of a place we stayed in recently. It is reproduced curtesy of my Blackberry, the name of te yacht is Silk II and I’ll let the blurb underneath it tell the story

“Silk II” was a Bashford & Howison designed 41ft ocean racing yacht caught by the Beken camera during Cowes Week 1996 on what was to be known as “Windy Tuesday”.
In gusts of 50 knots she had run before the wind for some 10 miles unknowingly taking in excess water into her bow area below deck. With a man on the fore deck she took one wave over the bow followed immediately by another which tripped her up nearly causing a catastrophic pitch-pole.
With her rudder and keel out of the water she presented a very dramatic sight. One man was thrown into the water and the bowman was carried some four metres under the water!
As the hull rose up to the vertical, the spinnaker collapsed and she fell over onto her port side in a classic broach. After “Silk” righted herself the crewman was picked up and she retired for the day.
After a minor amount of repair to he rails and rigging, she was up and running the next morning to go on to win the prestigious “Brittania Cup”.

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Poles Apart

Daniel Hoffman-Gill, a chap who comments at my other place, has a new show. It’s called Poles Apart

Officially 600,000 Polish people have come to Britain to seek work since 2004. Two British lads (Dan & Mark) are reversing the trend and trying to get work in Warsaw, Poles Apart is their story.

This unique show about a 2000 mile adventure from the U.K to Poland following the journey thousands of Polish people have made over the last 70 years. Poles Apart is the story of two nations who have fought together, worked together and now live together.

This innovative show brings Hard Graft’s unique blend of entertaining comedy storytelling to help us all understand what it means to be an immigrant in the World today.

You can get more info and watch a couple of trailers for it here and here.

Go on. Treat yourself.

Vote for me!!

I’ve entered my first photographic competition.

I’ve entered this picture as the theme was ‘At the waters edge‘, and, at the time of writing this, currently in fifth place.

So, do me favour. Follow this link and click the big green button.

Cheers. 🙂

Update 12/09/2009:

I got a third place. I am well chuffed at that.


Here’s some excellent images made from several images by Jon Compson.

He calls them Joiners, and they are made with proper photographs, as opposed to putting the final images together with software.

Go see.


Link-love for a friend.

Jon Compson is a professional photographer and finally got his website up and running.

Check it out. It’s here:

How to be prepared…

I found this on my scanner. I didn’t realise it had been that long since I had used it last…


Glastonbury in photos

I’m not going to Glastonbury but if I was, I would be very grateful for Chris’ tips for photoblogging it.

Simple stuff that you don’t always think of because it’s so obvious.