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Poles Apart

Daniel Hoffman-Gill, a chap who comments at my other place, has a new show. It’s called Poles Apart

Officially 600,000 Polish people have come to Britain to seek work since 2004. Two British lads (Dan & Mark) are reversing the trend and trying to get work in Warsaw, Poles Apart is their story.

This unique show about a 2000 mile adventure from the U.K to Poland following the journey thousands of Polish people have made over the last 70 years. Poles Apart is the story of two nations who have fought together, worked together and now live together.

This innovative show brings Hard Graft’s unique blend of entertaining comedy storytelling to help us all understand what it means to be an immigrant in the World today.

You can get more info and watch a couple of trailers for it here and here.

Go on. Treat yourself.