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    Aaron 11 October, 2009

    You’d use a filter, but all filters have side-effects.

    Looks good.

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      nic 11 October, 2009

      Filters. Right. *scribbles on his christmas list*

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    Aaron 11 October, 2009

    Well most filters are for day use. Great for creating a dreamy shots (long exposures during the day – using a filter to stop bleaching – creates those spooky forest looks that work so well). Try it. I’m looking at a Lensbaby for Xmas. Sweeeet!

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    nic 11 October, 2009

    I was starting to think about another lens, but I’m not exactly stretching the capabilities of the one I have a the moment so some filters would be a be another (cheaper) way to go.

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    Little Miss Joey 11 August, 2011

    I was told the green UFO type things are created by the UV filter which most of us have to protect our lens.
    Hope this helps.

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      nic 13 August, 2011

      Hi Little Miss Joey,

      The flares aren’t specifically created by a filter, I don’t think I had a filter on when I took this, but reflections between the elements in the lens.

      It’s one thing knowing what they are but how to avoid it is another…

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