I always fancied an SLR camera but never had that chance to give one a test drive before buying one.

Recently I had the use of a Canon EOS 350D for a couple of days. I then bought a 450D.

I always said that if I bought a decent camera it would get used for more than just family snaps. This blog is for those shots that are just ‘because’.

Hopefully, over time it will show my improvement in the art of photography, but it also might not.

That is why the blog has the title Some Photos’ I’ve taken. The subtitle, and other stuff, is because I will also be posting about well, other stuff, personal stuff. How personal we’ll find out as time goes on..

I am also on that there Twitter thing too.

Anything I post on this blog, words or images, are mine, unless otherwise stated.
I may be getting a little ahead of myself here but, if you are a private individual you may use anything here as long as i) you attribute it back to me with a link ii) it is not going to be used for commercial purposes.
If you are an organisation (of any type) and you want to use anything, contact me and get permission. Otherwise it’s theft, you know.



14/09/2009 – Third in a contest. Teh theme was At the waters edge

06/11/10 – Commended. The theme was Faith

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