Well, I didn’t expect that to happen

I was just buggering about in Lightroom with a photo I’d taken of a page of a book. I whacked up the Fill Light to max and the in-focus text went, well, like this (this screengrab has about 3/4 full Recovery too)…

I don’t know why it did it, but it’s an interesting effect, especially as it only changed the text that was focused.

I shall have to play some more…

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    Mike Nelson Pedde 12 December, 2011

    Interesting idea! Thanks for sharing it! Reminds me a little bit of this: http://www.wolfnowl.com/2011/09/lightrooms-adjustment-tools-quick-tip/


    P.S. For a list of links to over 200 sites that have Lightroom tips, tutorials and videos, try: http://bit.ly/LRTips

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